Sibona - Grappa Reserve in barrels from Madeira

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This reserve Grappa aged in Madeira barrels is one of the excellences of sibona antica distilleria, awarded with various AWARDS AND AWARDS:

  • Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2019 Gold Medal
  • Alambicco d'Oro 2019 Silver Medal
  • I.S.W. International Competition 2019 Gold Medal
  • International Spirits Challenge 2018 Gold Medal
  • Alambicco d'Oro 2017 Gold Medal
  • 2015 Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb Gold Medal
  • International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015 Gold Medal
  • 2014 Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb Gold Medal
  • 2013 Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb Gold Medal
  • Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb 2012 Gold Medal.
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Sibona - Grappa Reserve in barrels from Madeira

This special Grappa Riserva di Moscato already matured, for a long time (over 2 years), in oak wood, was subsequently elevated over 24 months in barrels from the island of Madeira, to elevate the "Madeira" of the most prestigious cellars.

The particular stay in Madeira barrels, already used in Whiskies, has been tested by us in an innovative way on Grappa and with exceptional results from a qualitative point of view.

The engaging and fruity scent and the rich, refined taste and floral aftertaste, recall very much that of Madeira already contained in these barrels.



50 cl
Raw material: Moscato Pomace, from grapes harvested fresh during the harvest and selected Sibona. Distillation: Totally on its own, in copper stills, thanks to the skilful experience of our oenologists-master distillers. Aging: for a long time in stainless steel tanks. Aging: first for 2 years in barrels of medium capacity of classic oak and then in Madeira barrels for a further 2 years (total wooden stay 4 years). Grade: 44 % vol. Bottle: special and elegant sibona graduated bottle with side notches indicating the contents and pouring spout. Case: Elegant cylindrical case, with upper closure.
Organoleptic characteristics
Perfume: Engaging, fruity, with hints of peaches, jam and orange peel. Taste: Rich, refined and with floral aftertaste, fruity and with notes of oak. Pairings: Dried fruits, nuts, almonds, sweets and chocolate. Also delicious with aged cheeses. Perfect combination also with cigar. Tasting tips: taste at a temperature of about 18 °C, in a classic tulip glass or baloon glass with or without stem (cognac type).
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