Evergreen Plant - Zamioculcas Zamilifolia

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Zamioculcas is a very beautiful plant characterized by an original leaf structure and at the same time a very easy plant to grow and requires little care. In Italy it is commonly called the "Padre Pio plant", due to the fact that the stems produce a latex that resembles tears, and in popular culture they have helped to define it as such.


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Evergreen Plant - Zamioculcas Zamilifolia

Zamioculcas or also "Padre Pio plant" is a beautiful semi-succulent houseplant that is easy to grow and adapts to all types of conditions. Native to Africa, this evergreen does not tolerate a harsh climate, it is recommended to place it in areas of the house that are bright enough but sheltered from direct sunlight which could burn the leaves. Irrigate sporadically and avoid any water stagnation. Use a particularly well-drained growing medium.

  • The plant may have a height ranging from 30 to 40 cm.
  • For this type of shipment we guarantee deliveries from 2 to 6 working days.


Plant height
30-40 cm

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