Chocolates and Amaretti

Buy online Chocolates and handcrafted Amaretti from the best Italian brands

Chocolate and delicate Amaretti in many sweet variations, all to be tasted.

"There is no other metaphysics in the world than chocolate", Fernando Pessoa. We have selected for you the artisanal chocolate and the finest chocolates from the best Italian brands, such as Venchi, Coppo, Perugina and Baratti Milano, to give you moments of pure metaphysics!

In our sweet corner we also have the honor of letting you try the delicate macaroons in the many tasty variations and in the Christmas and Easter holidays we delight you with panettone, pandoro and doves with a unique taste.

Throughout the world, the word "amaretto" is synonymous with the quality and refinement of Piedmontese confectionery art. Soft handmade macaroons, as per an ancient recipe, which inhabitants and tourists still cannot resist today!

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